Without Market Research

Businesses and Organizations of all sizes are throwing money at guessing and speculating.

Participation in Events/Exhibitions are costly, but combined with a solid Lead Generation/Direct Marketing Plan it becomes cost effective and yield good ROI

Market Research is the systematic gathering and interpretation of information using the statistical and analytical methods and techniques of the applied social sciences to gain insight and/or support decision making.

A very effective and powerful way to share information by reaching and contacting the target audience, and ultimately generating leads for businesses.

PF3M Consultants UK Ltd is a boutique research and marketing management services consultancy that specializes in helping clients structure and develop marketing plans, activities, and transform insights into actions, through research.

Current Global Market Conditions/Issues:
Many companies are reducing their marketing budgets drastically resulting in the need to retrench Full Time (FT) Senior Marketing Management, as Return on Investment (ROI) of personnel vs. Budget sales, is too low, and therefore no justification to support a full marketing department.
Such redundancies and merging of junior staff with other departments (eg business development, finance, legal to oversee it, but with little experience in marketing), has become the norm.




Marketing & Research Solutions


Suddenly many companies find themselves in a predicament, as there is still a marketing budget allocated but is not being utilised effectively nor efficiently.

Recruiting FT personnel is not an option as headcount and overheads has to be reduced to a minimum.

So, “What do you do” when you do not have a dedicated marketing personnel to prepare a streamlined, simple and effective marketing and research plan and strategy, nor anyone to manage, and co-ordinate the activities?

Its Simple:
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